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HDWY N05 Gas Grills

Conquer the outdoors with this durable steel grill pan and mobile cart.Four burners on a large-space worktop allow you to cook a variety of foods at once.The rear grease management system of the grill allows for easy cleaning and no dirty operation.Shelves on both sides provide ample preparation space,The included cover attaches to the back of the pan for protection and lifts easily when in use.
Cook anything anytime, anywhere for the best grilling experience with this grill's frying pan cooking station. With a large operating space, you can cook for any size crowd. Powered by four stainless steel burners, it gives you plenty of power to cook anything with even heat. Heavy-duty rolled carbon steel bakeware withstands the toughest jobs . For easy cleanup, the grease management system provides you with mess-free, hassle-free operation. The easy-to-use control knob provides precise temperature control, allowing you to create up to 4 temperature zones while letting you grill quickly.

Protect your bakeware from dust, damage and weather with the included hood. This hood attaches to the back of the griddle and is easy to lift up while cooking. Two folding side shelves provide ample prep space, as well as a full-length bottom shelf for storage. The steel cart has two casters and two fixed wheels for movement. To keep your accessories close at hand, make sure you always stay refreshed while looking after your grill.

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